Fancy Turning Good, Into Great?

As a Chiropractor with the London Wellness Centre, you’ll work from modern state-of-the-art clinics, currently based in Canary Wharf Monument and Marylebone, but with several more locations planned.
Our modern facilities are well-equipped to provide you with a clean, comfortable and welcoming space to work with your clients.

Let Us Introduce You…

Our Mission

At London Wellness we not only aim to treat clients and relieve their immediate symptoms, but to educate, support and encourage them to improve their overall health and wellness to lead healthier, happier lives through our core values:
Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well, Feel Well.

The London Wellness Centre Is Home To Four Locations

Each clinic is open 6 days a week, from 08:00-19:00 Monday to Friday, and on Saturday mornings.

We try and accommodate clients on the same day or at a time that suits, and we have new clients calling in every day.

Canary Wharf




Let’s Talk About What You Can Expect…

The Financial Realities Of Chiropractic

When you work with us you will earn well, but like all good things, it is not easy. At the end of the day, we all like to have money in our pockets and be able to live well. We pay a fair rate, but won’t be drawn into a blind percentage negotiation. We take the firm view that percentages taken out of context serve no positive purpose, for you, us, or the industry as a whole.

Have you ever asked yourself what your treatments are actually worth? Then add the cost of staff, rent, rates, services, equipment and marketing! That’s all to be paid for *before* the clinic/business makes any money at all. So when you say “but I’ve been offered X% over here”, have some consideration to what you’re actually asking us to do…that’s pay for all of the above, and to make a little profit (otherwise why bother at all?!) in the remaining Y%…

When you’re considering your next move, ask yourself the only question that matters:

Is this the sort of business which I would like to work with?

What Do You Really Want?

Do you want a hard working and experienced team around you, ensuring that your clients have a 5-star experience at every stage of their journey? Do you want an active and focussed marketing team promoting you to the 93% of the population who have never seen a Chiropractor before?! Do you want clients booked into your diary, pre-paid, with the ability to access and record treatment notes online? Do you want to look forward to doing a good day’s work, with a fun team, in a safe and enjoyable environment and for which you will earn well?

Do you want to be mentored by and collaborate with other practitioners who are world class at what they do? Do you want to learn how to coach your clients that health and wellness is a proactive choice that requires a committed and multi-disciplinary approach? Do you also want to see behind the desk, to understand what it really takes to run a thriving business?

Mentorship, You Get What You Give.

Chiropractic Is A Team Sport

We will teach you how to set yourself up for a home run with all your clients. A loose framework is given to aid with communication and report building but we are not fans of scripts because we think you should develop your own styles…we know what works for us, but we also believe in hiring people who have the potential to be better than us!

Do you accept the challenge?!

So You Want To Own Your Own Clinic?

Well come on in and learn how it’s done. Learn how we ensure a 5-star service and how we consistently rank number one while simultaneously attracting people who have never before looked for a Chiropractor!

What can you do to help yourself? Start thinking about your own online presence, what will we find when we Google you? If you want to be associated with London’s leading Chiropractic business, get in touch today!

Hear It From One Of Our Past Chiropractors…

Dr Anthony Putrus-Schnell after working with the London Wellness Centre for almost 2 years, relocated back to America and proceeded to open his own successful Chiropractic Clinic.

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How London Wellness has benefited me

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