Chiropractor vs physiotherapist

chiropractor vs physio

Chiropractors and physiotherapists both treat joint pain and musculoskeletal problems but they do it in very different ways. Chiropractors are also neurologically trained so they focus on the messages sent around the body by the central nervous system. They usually use manipulation as a technique – realigning joints and releasing muscles and nerves – whereas physiotherapists use mobilisation through exercise instruction and occasional soft-tissue work.
Additionally, the way they engage with their patients is different. Physiotherapists will usually be engaged following a serious accident or injury, often via the NHS. A chiropractor could work with an individual at any time as their treatments as focused just as much on prevention as cure. Because of this, they treat ongoing conditions, such as multiple joint pain, muscle and joint pain with fatigue, mechanical low back pain and so on. In fact, chiropractors can treat anything from giving massage for a trapped nerve, through to chronic joint pain.
Because they treat everyday complaints, regardless of severity, chiropractors will work with patients to improve their lifestyle as well as their physical condition to keep their body working as well as it possibly can.

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