What happens when a chiropractor cracks your back?

cracking your back and spine

We find many people are nervous of seeing a chiropractor because of the association with ‘chiropractor back cracking’ (this is a worryingly popular Google search term!).
The ‘cracking’ is actually just gas escaping from the joint that is being mobilised. You may have experienced it in your knuckles? It is utterly painless and has no adverse consequences. But these adjustments – which cause the cracking sound – are just one method of treatment that we use. We have many tools in our toolbox, including soft-tissue work, deep tissue massage, medical dry-needling, nutritional supplements, dietary advice, and supervised/unsupervised exercise.

Aside from ‘chiropractor back cracking’, let’s debunk some other myths around Chiropractic:

  • Our treatments are highly personalised and tailored to your body, there is no one size fits all approach here;
  • We thoroughly check all elements of health and wellness prior to putting together a treatment plan;
    Our treatments should never be painful as they are highly controlled, very gentle, and never without discussion, demonstration and we seek permission for everything we do;
  • We always take baby steps when treating a client. We will never adjust you more than your body can cope with in a single session;

When it comes to chiropractor back cracking, the cracking noise is nothing to do with your bones. It is the sound of gas escaping from pockets around your joints.

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