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  • I never really believed in "alternative methods" when it came down to fix something in the body. In the past... read more

    PT RY Avatar
    PT RY

    I've been coming to the LWC for several years. Everyone I have seen there has been fantastic, kind and caring.... read more

    Lexi Mills Avatar
    Lexi Mills

    Great place. Marthine was fantastic, helped a lot with my back issues and gave me confidence back to start running... read more

    Luiz Costa Netto Avatar
    Luiz Costa Netto
  • For the past month my sessions in this clinic has been amazing and eye-opening to what I should have been... read more

    Mohammed Abdalla Avatar
    Mohammed Abdalla

    Succeed where the Docs failed After six weeks of pain and seeing various Docs and Osteopaths, The Wellness Centre correctly diagnosed the cause of my... read more

    Steve Avatar

    Amazing service! Amazing service. I get adjustments from Holly and she is lovely, friendly and extremely easy to talk to plus my... read more

    Larry Avatar
  • I have to say when I first heard about chiropractic care I really did not know what to expect. YouTube... read more

    Antara’ Bites Avatar
    Antara’ Bites

    5 stars Everyone is super friendly at the LWC - Ben is an amazing chiropractor and an even better person- he really... read more

    Nicole Avatar

    London London Wellness Centre is great, the staff are very supportive and the practitioners like Holly go above and beyond to... read more

    James Avatar
  • LWC is simply amazing LWC is simply amazing! From the receptionists all the way to the practioners and therapists, everyone is wonderfully supportive and... read more

    Orin Avatar

    Great overall experience. Very professional staff and friendly environment. I have been having back pain for almost half a year... read more

    Ai Hime Ai Hime Avatar
    Ai Hime Ai Hime

    Best move I ever made, I should of visited years ago to have my serious back pain treated.

    dazzhazz10 . Avatar
    dazzhazz10 .
  • I had back problem for many years so… I had back problem for many years so have tried various treatments including another chiropractor but I find Ben exceptionally... read more

    Sofia Avatar

    Ive been having my chiropractor… Ive been having my chiropractor treatment in London Bridge clinic for a couple of months now .. I was having... read more

    Jackie Avatar

    Chiropractor treatment Been using London Wellness Center for Chiropractor treatment with great results.So close to being pain free!Thanks

    David Gomes Avatar
    David Gomes
  • I have been in pain for as long as I could remember and nothing the GP did or investigated ever... read more

    Rukshana Ali Avatar
    Rukshana Ali

    New in Chiropractor For someone who just tried chiropractor treatment, london wellness was able to make me feel comfortable about the whole process.... read more

    Nick Avatar

    I came to LWC with a grim diagnosis… I came to LWC with a grim diagnosis (ALS or Motor Neuron Disease), with only assurance from doctors that my... read more

    Jimmy Avatar
  • Back-ache just a distant memory now! Back-ache just a distant memory now!After years of suffering from a lower bad back (and seeing osteopaths) I decided to... read more

    Becky Pomfret Avatar
    Becky Pomfret

    A huge thank you to Holly! A huge thank you to Holly who has been fantastic, I booked 10 sessions with her and after 5 sessions... read more

    Stav Avatar

    positive review I can highly recommend the Wellness centre, I go for regular maintenance chiropractic checks to manage back pain caused by... read more

    Liane Oomrigar Avatar
    Liane Oomrigar
  • I can highly recommend the Wellness centre, I go for regular maintenance chiropractic checks to manage back pain caused by... read more

    Liane Avatar

    Life Changing. As with so many people, my bad posture and the pain associated with it had developed over 17 years when... read more

    Lee Hanson Avatar
    Lee Hanson


    I initially was looking for a chiropractor because I was having problems with my lower back and spine in...
    read more

    Amira Benhadj Djilali Avatar
    Amira Benhadj Djilali
  • Could not have asked for a better bunch of people looking after me. From the first time I walked through... read more

    Jeandré Labuschagne Avatar
    Jeandré Labuschagne

    Lower back pain I went to London Wellness Centre after suffering with bad lower back pain on and off for about a year.... read more

    Jackie Avatar

    London Wellness lives up to its name… London Wellness lives up to its name and reputation. First class chiropractic care delivered in a holistic way. Each step... read more

    Ann-Marie Avatar
  • Sorting my Back out The Canary Wharf office is bright and welcoming as are the staff. I received complete information from the receptionist about... read more

    Michael Avatar

    Brilliant service and well tailored to… Brilliant service and well tailored to my individual needs.

    Wesley Avatar

    positive review Hi,

    I came to the London Wellness Centre some 3 months ago with upper back pain and a slip disc.
    read more

    Jonny Fix Avatar
    Jonny Fix

What does the offer include?

Chiropractic is a protocol suitable for the whole family – from babies and children, through to adults of all ages. Not everyone has the same needs and treatments will seldom be the same.

Initial Consultation, ROF + First Treatment

Duration: approximately 80 minutes
Normal Cost: £150
Your Cost: £75

Your chiropractor will review your full medical history and talk to you about your lifestyle and treatment goals. This is to ensure there are no underlying contra-indications to treatment and to fully understand your symptoms.

Then a physical examination is done, which involves functional, postural, orthopaedic and neurological tests. We look at your musculoskeletal movement and strength and we check your neurological function. Honestly, you’ll be amazed!

Finally the chiropractor looks at your health goals and immediate priorities. You also receive an accurate diagnosis (a ‘label’ for what’s wrong), a prognosis (an assessment of how long it will take and what you can expect), a personalised treatment plan to ensure you reach your goals and, assuming you wish to proceed, your first Chiropractic adjustment.


Wellness Awaits You!

It is time for you to experience what it is like to live your life at 100%.

Pain, discomfort and injury can have a negative impact on your mental and physical well-being.

By making the decision to start your healing journey, you are making a decision that your future you will thank you for!

osteopaths vs chiropractors for long term pain

Meet our Chiropractors

Chiropractor Ben Searle-Baker
Dr Ben Searle-Baker

Ben Searle-Baker has a particular passion for musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation. He is adept at combining Chiropractic and rehabilitation in order to maximise his patients’ wellbeing. He previously worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over 12 years.

Edward Wilkinson MChiro
Edward has a particular interest in helping individuals of all ages treat, manage and prevent complaints such as neck pain and low back pain, especially related to the postural strain placed upon the body during the corporate lifestyle. He is excited to help individuals in the Canary Wharf and surrounding areas at London Wellness Centre.
Dr Igor Generalov

Igor is a registered Doctor of Chiropractic and Chartered Physiotherapist. He obtained Bsc (Hons) in Physiotherapy as well as Education and Sports Science degrees before moving to London in 2012. He brings evidence-based clinical and wellness experience to patients that want to improve their health. 

Victoria Portch

Dr Victoria has an interest in diagnosing and treating people of all ages with a variety of conditions to get them functioning at their best. She has unique experience working alongside midwives in the Feeding Clinic at university to help mothers and babies feed more effectively.