Why is my back hurting?

According to the NHS, around eight out of ten people in the UK are affected by back pain at some point in their lives.

It can affect people of all ages and is often a result of our modern lifestyle. Most commonly, people look to a chiropractor for upper back pain treatment, or to understand how to treat lower back pain but because being chiropractors makes us back pain specialists.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

We can address any of the following:

  • Pain in the lower back, upper back or middle back
  • sciatica (inflammation of the sciatic nerve) where pain shoots from the buttocks down the leg
  • lower neck
  • shoulder pain
  • pregnancy back pain
  • bulging discs (also known as a slipped disc or herniated disc), where the soft discs that sit between the vertebrae become pinched and ‘balloon’ resulting in squashed nerves;
  • inflammation in the back elsewhere may cause nerves to be pinched which might lead to pain in the buttocks and legs (sciatica). Even tight muscles will cause inflammation which could
    impact a nearby nerve and cause pain;
  • trapped nerve in shoulder
  • back spasms

And many more (if you’re unsure if we can help, we’re delighted to schedule a call with a Chiropractor to discuss any concerns you have, this is of course FREE of charge and unique to our clinic).

You may have fallen or tripped, been sitting for too long or simply have poor posture. Any of these things can cause back or neck pain.

Back pain occurs either after a sudden injury (such as that caused by a car crash or fall) or after a period of inflammation caused by lifestyle or underlying health conditions.

What does back pain feel like?

Physical pain is often associated with an area of inflammation somewhere in the body. Pain is similar to a smoke alarm: it’s the body’s early warning system that something is wrong but it isn’t always easy to tell where the real problem is situated.

Back pain can therefore affect all parts of the body, from aches and stiffness in the lower back to shoulder pain, trapped nerve feelings, sciatica (shooting pains down one leg) or even numbness in limbs. It can even cause you to shift your weight and end up causing ankle or knee problems. Because the body is so connected, and because your spinal cord controls your whole body, back injuries can and do impact every element of your body and your life.

What is a bulging disc?

This is also referred to as a ‘slipped disc‘. Your discs are soft and look a little like a small balloon that has been filled with honey. They can stretch and ‘balloon’ out from between the vertebrae. In actual fact, the disc hasn’t moved anywhere but inflammation, probably caused by injury, has made the gap it sits in narrower, leading to a bulging disc between the vertebrae. Instead of your spine being an orderly string of vertebrae (bones), each with a slim, flattish disc between them, there is now a little balloon-like bubble sticking out between two of the bones. Imagining this makes it easier to understand why this would lead to pain, especially if that bubble came into contact with a nerve.

In older people, a bulging disc can occur naturally as the ageing process makes the spaces between our vertebrae reduce. Likewise, chronic dehydration can have a similar effect. In other cases, an injury can lead to inflammation which, in turn, leads to a smaller space and a bulging disc.

Many of our clients come to us to get treatment for slipped discs in their lower back, but sometimes people who have a bulging disc do not experience pain. Sometimes, if the bulge is not touching a nearby nerve, they may know nothing about it. However, it will cause tightness and stiffness which will eventually start to cause pain and mobility issues, which is why we always suggest regular check ups with a Chiropractor.

How can a chiropractor help me?

At the London Wellness Centre, our chiropractors use many different techniques for back pain treatment but, crucially, will also work with you to reduce the chance of a future recurrence.

By using a combination of chiropractic adjustments, dry-needling, soft tissue work and nutrition, our Chiropractors work to ensure proper alignment of the spine, strength in all of your muscles and mobility in your whole body. In combination with deep tissue massage, we can release any tense muscles and help you to maintain mobility, especially when this is coupled with exercises to alleviate lower back pain – or any other type of back pain – which can be done between appointments.

By understanding more about the location and type of pain you are experiencing, we will be able to give you a clear diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. We have treated thousands of clients, we have seen it all!

Back pain treatment is wide and varied and depends on where the pain is and what is causing it. For example, if the patient is suffering from stress related back pain treatment will be quite different to someone seeing the chiropractor for upper back pain caused by an injury or someone needing sciatica treatment. At the London Wellness Centre, we will always ensure we select the best treatment for back pain depending on you as an individual.

Three common techniques used by chiropractors are:

  • Mobilisation exercises to do during the appointment or at home between appointments (for example, specific sacroiliac joint pain exercises or stretches to alleviate back pain)
  • Chiropractor back cracking techniques’ or, adjustments (as we refer to them) are often used but only if the patient is happy to be adjusted
  • All the Chiropractors at London Wellness Centre are trained in dry-needling (or medical acupuncture) which is incredibly effective for releasing tight muscles and relieving pressure on the back and nerves

Lower back pain treatment

Many people search Google to ask: can a chiropractor help with lower back pain? They are often scared to seek help for back pain in case the solution involves major surgery and are therefore looking for an alternative to this. In fact, surgery is rarely the answer. Interestingly, clients who consult a surgeon in the first place have a 47% chance of going on to have surgery. Those who consult a chiropractor first have a 1% chance of eventually having surgery. Whether we’re the first port of call, or the last resort, consult a Chiropractor before considering more invasive options!

How to relieve back pain

If you are looking for a back pain clinic in London, London Wellness Centre should be at the top of your list. With more 5-star reviews than any other, we’re experts in upper back pain treatment, lower back pain treatment and general muscle and joint pain;get in touch with us to discuss any pain or niggles you may have, or just to get a general MOT for your body.

A few facts about back pain

back pain

Non-specific back pain is the most common ailment in the western world

off sick from work

It is THE MOST common reason for missing work

cost to business

Costs attributed to this are estimated at £12.3 Billion ANNUALLY!

back pain affecting my life

Affects more than just one aspect of people’s lives (work, home, leisure activities)

MRI for back pain

It is rare to need a scan, plus scans are not accurate for pain ie. MRI or CAT scans

8 out of 10 adults have back pain

It is common and normal – 80% of adults will experience an episode, but not recovering quickly is NOT normal

fix back pain in 90 days

85% of acute back pain, usually due to a strain or sprain, can be fully recovered within 3-months if under the instruction of a professional

alignment of your back

Back pain is often due to minor issues with disc, joint, ligament or muscle (or a combination of the above)

correct posture

The “perfect” sitting or standing posture may not exist, it is important to vary your posture throughout the day

bed rest back pain

Bed rest is not helpful, and may make it worse – unfortunately

back pain from sleep

Poor sleep and sleep position influences prolonged back pain

pain in my back affecting mood

Stress, low mood and worries affects how much pain we feel

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