Why are my joints hurting?

There are many different types of joint pain.

As with all pain in the body, an injury or local inflammation will give rise to the first signs that something is wrong. However, by visiting a chiropractor, you will be able to get to the bottom of why the area was weak enough for an injury to occur in the first place.

There are many different types of joint pain:

Joint pain can be caused by many different factors. In everyday life, too much sitting, poor posture, or taking part in sports and exercise can be causes and in older life, joints are susceptible to degeneration as the wear and tear of life starts to show.

When it comes to joints, consider the analogy of a car. You take your car for a regular service to ensure it runs smoothly as possible. For the body, chiropractic treatments are the same thing: a chiropractor will maximise your body’s ability to operate pain-free. Because joints need good mobility to be pain free, they are a major area of focus for chiropractors.

What does joint pain feel like?

The type of joint pain you are experiencing will depend on which joint is causing a problem and the reason for the pain. For example, sacroiliac joint pain symptoms include pain in the buttocks and lower part of the back, but also in the hip and groin area. It can be difficult to isolate the exact location of the problem but a chiropractor will be able to do this through muscle testing and asking you to do various stretches and exercises to find out the impact of them on the pain.

Do I need to see a chiropractor?

Pain is often referred to other areas of the body around the injury site and this can confuse people. A chiropractor is the perfect person to see to find out the root cause of any pain and to identify the right treatment to alleviate it and minimise the chance of recurrence.

As experienced chiropractors, London Wellness Centre can deal with any type of joint pain, including chronic joint pain and multiple joint pain. As well as treating your existing pain, we will assist with dietary or lifestyle advice to help you minimise further aggravation of the injury.

Can sacroiliac joint pain and other joint pain be cured?

Sacroiliac joint pain (also known as SI joint pain) is one of the most common conditions that we treat. We will advise on specific sacroiliac joint pain exercises to alleviate the pain and then put together a personalised treatment plan which lets your body get back to its best possible state.

A few facts about joint pain

hip joint pain

Pain can be from injury to any of the ligaments, bursae or tendons surrounding any of these joints

arthritis in hip

Joint pain can also be due to arthritis and multiple joint pain is most often due to inflammation, gout or a chronic joint disorder e.g. OA/RA

vitamins hip pain

As you get older, painful joints become more common, which is why keeping active and taking good quality supplements is important

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