Why is my neck hurting?

Neck pain is a condition that can affect anyone, whether they are seven or 97. At the younger end of this spectrum, neck pain can be caused by sitting or sleeping awkwardly, carrying a bag on one shoulder or looking at a phone or other device for long periods.

At the older end of the spectrum, it is often caused by sitting for long periods or even by nodding off while upright. Sometimes though, neck pain is a symptom of a bulging disc in the neck, a trapped nerve or a frozen shoulder.

Our modern lifestyle means we can spend extended periods in one position, whether sitting at a desk or using electronic devices. Even a knock playing sport might result in a bulging disc in the neck, but the real issue is whether this ‘knock’ was bad enough to injure you, or whether there might be an underlying weakness which made you prone to injury. At the London Wellness Centre, we can help you to understand how to relieve muscle pain in your neck and shoulders.

We can help identify whether a weak core or an old injury might be contributing to your body sustaining further damage, and then we can treat you to improve and strengthen the area.

What does neck pain feel like?

If your neck is hurting, you might find you struggle to turn your head to one side, or can’t look up or down without pain. The pain itself can feel more like lower neck and shoulder pain and even be felt as a headache.

People often talk about having a ‘trapped nerve’; this isn’t strictly the case. Although a nerve may well be experiencing pressure, leading to your pain, there is always an underlying reason for the pressure, such as inflammation somewhere in the body. The pain can often appear somewhere other than the site of the original injury or swelling and it is our job, as chiropractors, to identify this root cause and therefore try to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Should I see a chiropractor?

Yes. At the London Wellness Centre, we view the body as one connected machine; our skeleton, muscles and brain all work together to keep us in balance, therefore, when we have an injury, each of those ‘systems’ can struggle. We start by assessing your neck pain using muscle testing. This tells us whether you are affected on one particular side, or in a particular part of your body. Once we ascertain the specific problem, such as a bulging disc in the neck, treatment for that particular condition can be identified.

Following this, and other more general health checks, we will identify the right treatment plan for you. We will always begin by focusing on alleviating immediate pain but, most importantly for you, we will continue to work with you to eliminate whatever caused the neck pain in the first place. This may involve postural changes, exercises to strengthen your muscles or even nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.

When it comes to how to relieve stiff neck and shoulder pain, our methods of treatment may include:

How to relieve neck pain

If you’re suffering with neck pain, get in touch with us at the London Wellness Centre and book an appointment with a Chiropractor. As an experienced back and neck pain clinic, we will start by easing your pain and then work with you to help prevent further pain through treatment to maintain your condition and lifestyle advice to avoid it recurring.

Your treatment plan will be individual to you and the specific condition that you are suffering with. As neck and back pain specialists, we regularly treat the following ailments:

bulging disc in neck

stiff neck and shoulder pain

lower neck and shoulder pain

trapped nerve in neck and shoulder

A few facts about neck pain

back pain

Many of the causes of back pain can also cause neck pain

neck strain or injury

It is usually due to sprain or strain injury, causing damage to joint, muscle or ligaments

neck pain radiating arms

You can get radiating pain that travels down your shoulder blade and/or into your arm and to your fingers

back ache from computer use

Prolonged static positions (i.e. bent over a keyboard, or ‘text neck’) will cause sprain or strain to the structures of the neck

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