What is nerve pain?

The central nervous system runs throughout the body, with its core protected by the spine. It sends messages from body to brain, and vice versa, to communicate movement, pain, damage and more.

Chiropractors are officially called Doctors of Chiropractic, and they are the only manual therapists to be qualified and solely focused on, the proper function of the central nervous system. In short, chiropractic treatment methods are based on ‘changing’ the signals when things go wrong in order that the body can heal more efficiently and effectively.

We have nerves throughout our body. They are the ‘sensors’ that help us to feel everything from temperature to textures to pain.

There are many different reasons why our clients visit us for nerve pain:

  • Trapped nerve in shoulder
  • Treatment for nerve pain in lower back
  • Sciatica (sciatic nerve pain)
  • Sciatic nerve pain (pregnancy)
  • Trapped nerve between shoulder blades

What are the symptoms of a trapped nerve or sciatic nerve pain?

Trapped nerve pain can vary from slight muscle pain and stiffness to the chronic sciatic nerve pain symptoms including pain in legs, knees, feet, lower back and buttocks. Many people experience a trapped nerve between shoulder blades or a trapped nerve in shoulder and arm area.

Sufferers can also experience numbness, pain or tingling in their limbs or the area surrounding the trapped nerve.

How to help a trapped nerve:

A trapped nerve is caused by tightness or inflammation which puts pressure on the nerve. As a chiropractor, London Wellness Centre’s practitioners need to identify which nerve is trapped and by what.

When first treating a trapped nerve in neck, shoulder or any other part of the body we will first use muscle testing, movement assessments and palpation to understand the scope and extent of the problem.

Tell me how to help a trapped nerve in the back.

Treatment for a trapped nerve will focus on loosening the local area to free up tightness and try to reduce the inflammation causing the nerve to be pinched. Treatment for nerve pain in lower back problems will also include deep tissue massage but may extend to exercises to stretch and strengthen the area to avoid a recurrence of the condition.

When our clients visit with trapped nerve problems, we can provide treatment and advice on the following:

  • Trapped nerve in shoulder symptoms
  • How to get rid of a trapped nerve in shoulder
  • How to help a trapped nerve in the back
  • How long does a trapped nerve take to heal?
  • Trapped nerve in neck, shoulder pain may be felt with this
  • Trapped nerve in hip treatment
  • How to treat a trapped nerve in leg

For all nerve pain problems, including trapped nerves, sciatica, nerve pain in lower back, upper back, shoulders and neck, contact London chiropractic clinic London Wellness Centres.

A few facts about trapped nerves

nerve pain & trapped nerves

Nerve pain is also known as neuralgia or neuropathic pain

trapped nerve pain

It occurs when a health condition affects the nerves that carry sensation to the brain

sciatica and sciatic pain

Sciatica is a common example of nerve pain

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