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  • I never really believed in "alternative methods" when it came down to fix something in the body. In the past few years my lower back was going from stiff to sore and painful and locked. This was gradually getting worse and started effecting my lifestyle. By the time I had difficulties to even put my socks on, having stabbing pain while sneezing my wife referred me to Dr. Anthony Putrus- Schnell..."The American". My consultation was already an eye opening experience as I understood that a totally different approach was needed. Anthony explained everything to me the main concept of what happened to me and how he could help. And I was amazed. I'm halfway through with my treatment but already have huge improvement. I can move more fluidly, I'm not in pain all the time, even my gut function improved just by fixing my back! There are no miracles of course I have to put some work in it on top of my treatments but investing time and money for a pain free body is always worth. Some days now I feel I have my new old body back, some days my body just feels weightless again. I'm glad I found the Clinic it is really about improving the quality of life. Also I have to mention the helpful and professional reception staff do a great, efficient job. Keep up your momentum guys!

    PT RY Avatar
    PT RY

    I've been coming to the LWC for several years. Everyone I have seen there has been fantastic, kind and caring. I was in pain constantly before I discovered them and didn't even have a hope that I would be able to enjoy any of my favourite sports like running and climbing again. Now I can do all of these things. If you are looking for relief from pain and longterm improvements in health I would highly recommend LWC.

    Lexi Mills Avatar
    Lexi Mills

    Great place. Marthine was fantastic, helped a lot with my back issues and gave me confidence back to start running again. Highly recommend

    Luiz Costa Netto Avatar
    Luiz Costa Netto
  • For the past month my sessions in this clinic has been amazing and eye-opening to what I should have been feeling Vs. what I been feeling. Before I started treatment, I had an issue when it came to left shoulder rotation and hips clicking whenever working out. But after a consultation and some sessions, I felt great improvements on my body including respiratory and digestion.
    They have a wonderful team that talk to you step by step with explanation and coordination in making you feel not just at ease with the process but also improving your day-to-day lifestyle that could have made things worse if left unattended.
    I loved my experience there and would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to improve mobility, tension, fatigue and also mental health.

    Mohammed Abdalla Avatar
    Mohammed Abdalla

    Succeed where the Docs failed After six weeks of pain and seeing various Docs and Osteopaths, The Wellness Centre correctly diagnosed the cause of my leg pains. Within a few weeks I was walking without difficulty again and I’m hopeful that my herniated disc will be eventually successfully treated.

    Steve Avatar

    Amazing service! Amazing service. I get adjustments from Holly and she is lovely, friendly and extremely easy to talk to plus my lower back pain was improved within a matter of weeks! Would 100% recommend! The staff in Canary Wharf and London Bridge are also super nice and friendly. Couldn’t recommend enough! Please, if you need an adjustment come here.

    Larry Avatar
  • I have to say when I first heard about chiropractic care I really did not know what to expect. YouTube made it look terrifying and overall I was in agony in all parts of my body and I feared It would be aggravated .
    As I have always suffered on and off from a younger age the last year had been the worst as it started to become more noticeable in my everyday life and I felt the effects more as the days went on. It was affecting me a lot mentally.

    BUT ,I’ll tell you this for free. Concurring my fears and walking into the wellness centre may just be one of the best things I have done.
    It’s not only the amazing Dr treating you but it’s also educating you about your body. Dr Anthony taught me a lot about how the mind and body interact in various ways and helped me come up with an amazing diet and exercise plan. Not to mention the extra caution and support due to my hyper mobility.

    Since being treated I have never felt so good I have more energy. As a chef I am on my feet for hours on end but these past few weeks after going to get treated 3x per week I can not begin to even tell you the improvement of my overall physical and mental state. I’ve never felt so positive and alive before.

    Bring on 2020! Woo

    You will not regret it, I promise you that. #Chiropractic care rules

    Antara’ Bites Avatar
    Antara’ Bites

    5 stars Everyone is super friendly at the LWC - Ben is an amazing chiropractor and an even better person- he really does care about his patients , plus he knows everything about everything ( I’m serious Lol ) so you’re in good hands.Would recommend to all

    Nicole Avatar

    London London Wellness Centre is great, the staff are very supportive and the practitioners like Holly go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be.

    James Avatar
  • LWC is simply amazing LWC is simply amazing! From the receptionists all the way to the practioners and therapists, everyone is wonderfully supportive and understanding and really wants to help as much as they can. Ben is incredibly professional, reassuring and a really knows his stuff. Feel completely at ease and taken care of during treatments. Just wish the adjustment sessions were longer!

    Orin Avatar

    Great overall experience. Very professional staff and friendly environment. I have been having back pain for almost half a year now which affected my work and daily routine, been to multiple Gp appointments where I was given painkillers and no further treatment was advised. I was so lucky to find this place! Ben is amazing and very professional, very friendly and always welcomes you with a big smile! Went from feeling pain on a scale of 9/10 to no pain!My mood improved, not to mention my sleep and my fitness! Highly recommended! You will be in good hands.

    Ai Hime Ai Hime Avatar
    Ai Hime Ai Hime

    Best move I ever made, I should of visited years ago to have my serious back pain treated.

    dazzhazz10 . Avatar
    dazzhazz10 .
  • I had back problem for many years so… I had back problem for many years so have tried various treatments including another chiropractor but I find Ben exceptionally good. He is a polite well mannered young man who genuinely wants to help people to get better. I cannot thank him enough for my treatments so far. This is the best I’ve ever been I hope to continue seeing him in the next year because my condition will require long term treatment. I would recommend Ben to anyone.Another person is Pete, as I said above my back problem is been going on for years so have tried various treatments including massages, just try Pete for a massage then you will never look elsewhere. I like his attentiveness & energy. I must say I only had one session with him but will certainly book him for more.

    Sofia Avatar

    Ive been having my chiropractor… Ive been having my chiropractor treatment in London Bridge clinic for a couple of months now .. I was having my treatment with Holly she is nothing but amazing . She helped me with shoulder and back pain. The service overall is amazing. Thanks Holly.

    Jackie Avatar

    Chiropractor treatment Been using London Wellness Center for Chiropractor treatment with great results.So close to being pain free!Thanks

    David Gomes Avatar
    David Gomes
  • I have been in pain for as long as I could remember and nothing the GP did or investigated ever came back with results that would be beneficial to me in any way. I was then recommended by a friend to try LWC Canary Wharf and warned me to be patient!
    During the first consultation I knew straight away that I had made the right decision - I had been suffering from lower back pain for a long time; pins and needles; any excess in movement was painful the list goes on...
    I started seeing Anthony late July and over a period of 6 weeks alone, the rest have been indescribable!! He has worked wonders, my pain is so limited now; from being in constant pain to maybe an episode once or twice a week at most! I have been able to get back into the gym! It really is a WELLNESS centre, because they take care of your inner wellbeing as well working with you on your symptoms. HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!
    Staff are ever so friendly and approachable. The centre oozes sophistication, cleanliness and great professional courtesy both to colleagues and customers 🙂

    Rukshana Ali Avatar
    Rukshana Ali

    New in Chiropractor For someone who just tried chiropractor treatment, london wellness was able to make me feel comfortable about the whole process. I am always looking forward to having my sessions with my chiropractor.

    Nick Avatar

    I came to LWC with a grim diagnosis… I came to LWC with a grim diagnosis (ALS or Motor Neuron Disease), with only assurance from doctors that my quality of life would continue to deteriorate.Enter Pete and Ben (and the amazing staff at LWC).Pete - It is no exaggeration that Pete is the best Massage Therapist in London - possibly the world. His careful detail for the wellbeing of who is on his table makes one feel less like a patient and more like a friend. If you like to chat during your treatment - Pete carries the best conversations! If you like silence - Pete is highly respectful of your wishes. You've never had a proper massage until you have been on Pete's table. Mt suggestion is to book now! (he fills up fast!)Ben - Can your Chiro be your best mate?! I don't know the boundaries that should or should not be there - but Ben is a great man who Id want to be the best man in my wedding if I wasn't already married. On top of just being a great person, Ben is (like Pete with MT), by far, the best Chiro in London - and maybe the world. And I have had quite a few Chiros. He is already an amazing Chiro, and his willingness to continue to learn is refreshing. I have such a unique situation (his only patient with my diagnosis to my knowledge), yet Ben has taken the time and energy to take the best care of me. I have not only had pain relieved, or motion restored - I have seen improvements where there shouldn't be any for my condition. If you want to be seen by the best - there is only one option!Overall - Pete and Ben (and the staff at LWC) are like a family to me - and they have become an extension of my family. My quality of life is 1000% higher than it would be if I never found them. I sadly moved out of the UK, but travel through London frequently. You can bet I book an appointment every time I am through. If your looking for a wellness center that will not treat you like a patient, but a friend, and a human being with value - and work hard to get you into the best possible health - LWC is your place!

    Jimmy Avatar
  • Back-ache just a distant memory now! Back-ache just a distant memory now!After years of suffering from a lower bad back (and seeing osteopaths) I decided to try my luck with a Chiropractor. Suffice to say I have not returned to the osteopath and chiro is my new way of life! It's not a quick fix but over the months I've been seeing Anthony I feel like I'm gradually being clicked and prodded back into place. My back is so much better and my niggly shoulder pretty much forgotten about. Even a recent fool-hardy incident that resulted in a torn ligament in my foot has been treated. Anthony does look at the bigger picture and can advise regarding at home strengthening exercises (ultimately you have to take responsibility for your own recovery) and dietary tips. If you were ever considering seeing a Chiropractor just do it and you won't look back!

    Becky Pomfret Avatar
    Becky Pomfret

    A huge thank you to Holly! A huge thank you to Holly who has been fantastic, I booked 10 sessions with her and after 5 sessions I feel like a new man. I had sharp back pain that was unbearable and with a full body check and a few sessions I was at ease. I’d highly recommend treatment here 🙂 Thanks

    Stav Avatar

    positive review I can highly recommend the Wellness centre, I go for regular maintenance chiropractic checks to manage back pain caused by being in an office. They are all brilliant, Anthony is an excellent and professional Chiropractor who has helped me with injuries and then on going chiropractic maintenance treatments and I am pain and symptom free because of it. They also give great holistic advice on additional things you can do to look after yourself like stretches, exercises etc. A brilliant practice to go to!

    Liane Oomrigar Avatar
    Liane Oomrigar
  • I can highly recommend the Wellness centre, I go for regular maintenance chiropractic checks to manage back pain caused by being in an office. They are all brilliant, Anthony is an excellent and professional Chiropractor who has helped me with injuries and then on going chiropractic maintenance treatments and I am pain and symptom free because of it. They also give great holistic advice on additional things you can do to look after yourself like stretches, exercises etc. A brilliant practice to go to!

    Liane Avatar

    Life Changing. As with so many people, my bad posture and the pain associated with it had developed over 17 years when I moved to London. As long as I can remember, I have spent every day in pain, discomfort, and general lousy health. Severe acid reflux, psoriasis and disturbed sleep, all of which I used medication to treat. I have to admit it wasn't just about the pain and discomfort. I hated the way my posture made my body look, and this was as important as all the other reasons for seeing a Chiro.I remember my first appointment and how desperate I felt when I first met with Anthony. He was clear about what my issues were and what it would take to achieve the posture I wanted. I left feeling positive about what he could help me achieve, and from the first appointment made me feel that he had my back (no pun intended).Seeing a Chiro is not a quick fix, and it's not only about getting your spine adjusted. You have to put in the extra work with the stretches and exercises that complement the work the Chiro does. You have to commit, and if you don't, your progress is going to be slow.I have a long way to go with my treatment, but three months in my body looks completely transformed. I no longer suffer from acid reflux or psoriasis, and my sleep has improved to the point where I sleep all night every night. My discomfort and pain have entirely disappeared, and my confidence is through the roof.It's not often that you meet someone exceptional at what they do, and I could not have achieved this without the help, support and guidance from Anthony. It's not just a job for him its a vocation. He hasn't just transformed my posture; he has changed my life to which I could never show enough gratitude.

    Lee Hanson Avatar
    Lee Hanson


    I initially was looking for a chiropractor because I was having problems with my lower back and spine in general, causing me a lot of distress. The team at the London Wellness Centre welcomed me with compassion and understanding. I have been receiving treatment and i can honestly say I see major improvements in so many ways. I would highly recommend this place. Special thanks to Anthony , who is amazing ! 😀

    Amira Benhadj Djilali Avatar
    Amira Benhadj Djilali
  • Could not have asked for a better bunch of people looking after me. From the first time I walked through the doors I was greeted by a very knowledgable, professional and friendly staff. Anthony has really helped me through the whole process and I am better than ever after my back pain.

    Jeandré Labuschagne Avatar
    Jeandré Labuschagne

    Lower back pain I went to London Wellness Centre after suffering with bad lower back pain on and off for about a year. I was so sure that I had problem that would have needed surgery I was in so much pain. The treatment I have received has worked wonders, although anyone considering this type of treatment may need to consider life style changes and take the advise from your consultant. I have had Ben he has been great he sets me realistic targets to help me to strengthen core muscles that have weakened after having my children. He takes time to listen and has helped me to motivate myself to make changes.The best investment I've made, the only regret I wish I did it sooner.

    Jackie Avatar

    London Wellness lives up to its name… London Wellness lives up to its name and reputation. First class chiropractic care delivered in a holistic way. Each step is thoroughly explained and a programme of exercises designed to support the treatment is provided. I am now pain free and have also lost weight from the recommended anti-inflammatory Paleo style of eating. I have also used their podiatrist who was able to diagnose and give a treatment plan with an orthopaedic consult immediately. This truly is a one stop centre of excellence.

    Ann-Marie Avatar
  • Sorting my Back out The Canary Wharf office is bright and welcoming as are the staff. I received complete information from the receptionist about cost and available plans. Ben then completed a very detailed interview and explanation of what he believed was causing my problem. I have had one of 12 sessions and at the end of this months treatment I shall review again.

    Michael Avatar

    Brilliant service and well tailored to… Brilliant service and well tailored to my individual needs.

    Wesley Avatar

    positive review Hi,

    I came to the London Wellness Centre some 3 months ago with upper back pain and a slip disc.
    The pain and discomfort would stop me from doing sports and going to the gym for more than half a year, which had the effect on me that i felt demotivated, cranky and unbalanced.
    The LDN Wellness Centre (in particular Anthony Putrus-Schnell & Pete Mavromatis) did not only help me to get rid of my pain and to build up my core strength again, I have learned here that i would never have to get back to this pain ever again, if i focus on the right lifestyle.
    Now this might sound cheesy for you, but i highly recommend the Clinic to anyone who is looking to take care of themselves, and live a healthy pain free life.
    Don't wait to go there until you are in some pain. You get at the clinic for your money a lot more than just treatment that helps!
    I am pain free since 7 weeks and will get another 10 session pass because i got to understand that there is no price on my own health! 🙂

    Thank you Anthony for your help, and please keep up the fantastic work!


    Jonny Fix Avatar
    Jonny Fix
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