9 Questions you need to ask your chiropractor before starting treatment

Chiropractor treatment

Need help coping with back or neck pain? When you visit a chiropractor for the first time, it’s a good idea to talk through your treatment and ensure the partnership with your health professional is a good fit.

Your first appointment with a chiropractor should give you the opportunity to ask plenty of questions about what you can expect and how you can reach and maintain optimum health. Here’s a list of some questions you might like to ask:

1 Can you describe your preferred technique?

Some chiropractors prefer high velocity manipulations which offer immediate relief, others prefer a more gentle, gradual approach to treatment. Neither technique is necessarily better, but, as a patient, you may be more comfortable with one of these approaches.

2  Will you take my preferences into account within the treatment plan?

You may prefer more gentler techniques such as mobilisation to spinal manipulation – if this is the case ask your chiropractor. Will they take this into account when preparing your treatment plan? Ask your chiropractor for an outline and to explain any details within your personal treatment plan.

3 How long is my treatment likely to last?

A chiropractor who puts an exact timeframe on how long your treatment is likely to take may be more interested in making appointments than helping you heal. Beware of any chiropractor who asks for an advance payment of a lump sum.

4 Do you have references from satisfied patients?

Any professional who is proud of his or her work will be happy to offer you the opportunity to speak to their patients about their experiences.

5  Can you give me an estimated cost for my treatment?

Before agreeing to the chiropractor’s treatment plan, it’s a good idea to ask him or her for an estimation of the total cost of your care so you will know what you can expect to pay.

6   What other services do you provide?

Your chiropractor may be able to provide other beneficial therapies such as massage therapy, physical therapy and nutritional advice within their practice. If these services are required but not available in-house, ask your chiropractor if he or she works with other professionals within these areas to help with coordinating your care.

7 Under what circumstances might I need to see a different practitioner or spine specialist?

If your treatment doesn’t help alleviate the issue, it is likely that you will need to see a specialist. Ask if your chiropractor’s views on this to see if he or she agrees.

8  Ask friends and family for a recommendation

Word of mouth recommendations are the gold standard when it comes to finding a great healthcare professional. Try asking your friends who have undergone chiropractic treatment for their recommendations. Who did they use? Ask them to describe their experience.

9  Check to see if the chiropractor is accredited by the General Chiropractic   (GCC)

The GCC is an independent statutory body established by Parliament to regulate all chiropractors in the UK. The organisation ensures the safety of all patients undergoing chiropractic treatment in the UK. 

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