Did you know there is a chiropractor open on weekends nearby?

Chiropractors open near me

Should I see a Chiropractor?

Here at London Wellness Centre, we understand the difficulty people can have in seeing a chiropractor during normal working hours. Those who go through the 9-to-5 grind every week are pressed for spare time enough as it is, and sometimes, it’s just not possible to fit in that deep tissue massage or chiropractic assessment from Monday through to Friday.

Perhaps you might be a:

  • Shift worker
  • Teacher
  • Office worker
  • Tradesperson
  • Emergency services worker
  • Frequent traveller
  • Busy parent
  • Soon-to-be-mother
  • Care worker

Regardless of your profession, each type of work carries varying responsibilities and tasks which, although you might not realise it at first, can be causing your body pain. Some responsibilities (listed below) can put undue stress on our posture and muscles.

  • Sitting for hours at a desk
  • Carrying a baby
  • Heavy lifting
  • Bending down for long periods of time
  • Being on your feet for hours at a time
  • Handling heavy equipment


Back Pain Treatment

One of the most common types of injury we treat is back pain. Back pain is one of the more complex complaints we treat. It’s important that back treatment is sought because it can affect all different areas of the body, and a burning sensation in your back between shoulder blades might be the symptom of a bulging disc or a possible trapped nerve.

It’s fair to say, no matter what your job entails, if you’re experiencing muscle and joint pain, shoulder pain or are having symptoms that bear similarities to sciatica, then it’s wise to get in touch with the best local chiropractor you can find.

Sports injuries and pregnancy pain should be tended to immediately so as to prevent the symptoms from manifesting into a major, larger-scale problem. Seemingly emergency situations don’t necessarily always require a visit to A&E, just because finding a back specialist in London at short notice might prove challenging.

What’s more, what if you can’t find a chiropractor open on weekends? Not all chiropractors offer flexible times for appointments outside of Monday-Friday. The types of people who struggle to get to medical appointments during the average working week are arguably the most at risk to injuries.

Well luckily for you, London Wellness Centres are open every weekend!


Weekend Wellness

If you need a back pain clinic, our two London-based centres are open at weekends, helping to ease the pain of a busy lifestyle. With two prime locations in Canary Wharf and London Bridge, they are reachable for anyone, conveniently situated near train, tube, DLR stations, and bus routes. We also have late-night appointments available for anyone feeling the strain of a sedentary lifestyle, or for anyone who simply can’t make time for a working daytime appointment.

We can offer same-day appointments nearly every day, and are open longer hours for people who struggle to find the time to make those appointments.

There is no need to wait until Monday to find that “chiropractor near me”. Get in touch with London Wellness today and find out how we can treat your pain immediately.

At London Wellness, we not only aim to treat patients and relieve their immediate symptoms, but to educate, support and encourage you to improve your overall health and wellness to lead healthier, happier lives.

Even if you need a programme of treatment, the fact that we are a weekend chiropractor means we can treat you at a time that works for you. We believe that’s a huge part of improved wellness in itself. If you can move well, it can help you think and feel well as a result. You can’t afford to put those aside.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with our world-class chiropractors today. Take the care you need to so that you can remain on top of your game in other areas of your life.

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