Is your office job damaging your health?

Pain in neck from work

As humans, we are built to be active, despite our levels of activity reducing continually as we’ve evolved.

Movement is still the right thing for us though, with long periods of being sedentary or seated proven to have major physical effects on our bodies.

A recent study by Solgar UK suggested that the average British person will spend an incredible 18 years of their adult life sitting down. With the number of hours many of us spend at work, it’s not hard to see how this number adds up. Take the time you are seated at your desk, add any time you spend commuting to get there, plus any relaxation time in front of the TV in the evening. All in all, we lead a very sedentary lifestyle.

As a London chiropractic clinic, we see a high proportion of people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, at least during the proverbial 9 to 5.

Sitting down may be causing you to be ill.

According to our chiropractors, South London and East London, where our clinics are based, see an above average number of people at risk of long-term joint or muscle damage caused by being seated for too long. Office environments are mainly to blame, coupled with the difficulty in getting out to environments suitable for exercising at lunchtimes. And it’s not just joint and muscle pain that becomes a problem. Here’s a Trustpilot reviewer who visited LWC recently:

First came due to tension headaches caused by my office job and also lower back pain. Within a few sessions through Marthine’s work plus the stretches and exercises she gave me, the tension headaches soon disappeared. This improved my work and personal life as the headaches had become quite persistent.You can view the review here.

At our London Bridge chiropractic clinic, treatments often involve deep tissue massage. East London is, in fact, one of the most entrepreneurial postcode areas in London, according to This likely means people are working long, stressful hours, and maybe looking after themselves a little less than they should, a treatment known for releasing trapped nerves, tight shoulders and stress from busy lifestyles.

The banking industry has some common issues.

Commonly, examples of high stress, low movement employment are found the banking industry. The average banker will work long hours, endure high stress and primarily undertake desk-based work. Many of them will end up visiting a chiropractor. Canary Wharf is local to the London Wellness Centre and we often treat people suffering with lifestyle and work stresses. However, as London Wellness Centre is a walk in clinic, Canary wharf workers often find they can get advice and treatments from our practitioners immediately.

We are recognised as the best local chiropractor with one Trustpilot reviewer saying:

“I occasionally suffer from lower back pain – especially when stressed or have been immobile in front of the computer for too long. The practitioners at the centre [are] uniformly excellent and have always fixed my issue in one visit.” You can read the review here.

Of course, these particular ailments can affect people of all ages and all professions. You will find you are particularly at risk if you experience any of the following conditions at work:

  • Poor posture while working
  • A poorly designed workstation (not ergonomically set up)
  • Too much tension over a medium to long period
  • Poor lighting or too much screen time (eye strain will quickly lead to headaches)

Lower back pain, neck pain, tension headaches or feeling of trapped nerves in shoulders are all common complaints for people who experience these scenarios in their day to day life.

So, if you find yourself starting to experience aches and pains or stiffness, why not consider a visit to our London chiropractic clinics? Not only can our treatments alleviate pain, we can work with you regularly to keep it at bay as well as prescribing exercises and stretches that can fit easily in to your working day and keep you as mobile as possible.


Did you know that we have a dedicated Corporate Wellness programme to prevent these common ailments with office workers from occurring in the first place

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