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Cut your treatment waiting time and take control of your health

Many people think they need to see their doctor before they see a chiropractor, not realising that they can simply book and pay privately. At London Wellness Centres, we never treat a patient without conducting our own full diagnostic consultation so we become familiar with your body, your health and your fitness first to ensure you are in safe hands when treated.

Chiropractic medicine may be considered an ‘alternative’ therapy but it is a fully licensed healthcare profession and, as such, patients do not need to be under the care of a doctor to use our services. The difference between chiropractic treatments and a more traditional medical or surgical approach is that a chiropractor will look for the root cause of your illness or condition, rather than treating the symptoms, such as pain, numbness or frozen joints, with medication.

In fact, seeing a chiropractor for conditions such as lower back pain or a bulging disc can reduce the chance of needing surgery. That’s because, under traditional medicine treatment methods, around 47% of those who initially consult a doctor will end up having invasive surgery. For those whose first port of call is a chiropractor, this drops to 1%.

What does seeing a chiropractor involve?

At London Wellness, we start by giving you a thorough diagnostic consultation. This takes place during an initial 45-minute appointment, where we take a full medical history and find out about your lifestyle habits and nutrition. This helps us to understand whether there are any underlying contra-indications which might affect the outcome of our treatment.

We follow this up with an examination involving functional/postural, orthopaedic and neurological tests. We also look at your musculoskeletal movement and strength.

Once these tests are complete, our chiropractors can understand which parts of your body are not functioning to the best of their ability and therefore where you may experience pain or discomfort.

You will receive this information, along with a full report called a Report of Findings during your second meeting. This appointment is also where you receive an accurate diagnosis, prognosis and bespoke treatment plan to ensure you reach your goals.

How do I choose a good chiropractor?

It’s important that a chiropractor is willing to give you a personalised treatment. At London Wellness we carry out treatments after our thorough diagnosis appointment to ensure the treatment is focused on what your body needs.

London Wellness Centre is also accredited by The Royal College of Chiropractors with a CMQM (Clinical Management Quality Mark). This prestigious award is a sign that you are in safe hands with any treatment we undertake.

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