Why do you need to take care of your spine?

London Wellness Spine Care

Why do you need to take care of your spine?

About 80% of adults struggle with some form of back pain at some point, and for many people, spine health is something they do not notice until it presents a problem. 

The skeleton represents the core of our body, and the core of the skeleton is the spine. When the spine is not in optimal condition, other functions and parts of the body can be affected. 

But why does our spine matter in the first place? 

First of all – it supports the rest of our body. Our spine holds us up and shifts the weight of the torso onto the pelvis, hips and legs. It attaches to muscles, and internal organs hang from it and the ribcage. 

As we get older, the more fragile our bodies seem to get in general. This includes the back. For many people, back pain first starts to occur between the ages of 30 and 50, and they can keep worsening as time goes on. 

After 50, two common reasons for back pain include degenerative conditions of the discs and joints (this can result in lack of moisture and shock absorption), and spinal stenosis (the narrowing of the canal through which your spinal cord passes). 

Back pain can often start from a sports injury or accident like a hard fall from years ago, which simply starts to show up more as time goes on. A sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise can also be a top reason for age-related back pain.

Because your spine is the place from which every other movement originates, it’s important to take care of it before it starts encountering too much problems. 

It’s when you don’t have a healthy spine that you realise how much it is crucial for daily tasks like walking, picking up objects, and simply sitting up straight. When the spine is not working properly, your mobility becomes more limited, and this can be a huge detriment to your overall quality of life. 

Here at the London Wellness Centre, we look at the broader context of your health and help you get to the root cause of any spinal issues. We don’t just give adjustments – we also give advice on exercises, supplements, and how you can set yourself up to have a healthy spine for decades to come. 

Our chiropractors conduct an examination and may also run tests to diagnose your condition, before coming up with a treatment plan from which they will track your progress. We do not prescribe pain medications but instead help the body to heal itself. 

Through an adjustment, we help the joints in your spine to move in a specific direction, to help overall better alignment. 

But as you’ll see from just one visit here, aligning your spine is about more than just addressing your back. It’s about investing in the core of your overall physical health, which has long-ranging effects for how you carry yourself throughout the rest of your life. 

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