Jenny Oklikah

Coaching width NLP / Coach | Canary Wharf

Jenny Oklikah is a Business & Success Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and a multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) coach who enjoys working with ambitious professionals committed to growing their personal and professional success.

Jenny comes from a government background, having previously worked with ministers to develop their national policy on issues such as neighbourhood bullying and harassment, and well as tackling gang violence. It was during this time that she started coaching at the Home Office, and saw the powerful shifts her clients gained.

Jenny thrives on helping people transform their lives, and achieve goals they had previously thought were unachievable.

Jenny holds a BA (Hons), MPA in Public Administration and is a certified NLP Practitioner with NLP Dynamics (ACCT accredited) and an mBIT coach (certified by mBIT International).