Coaching with NLP

In the same way that top athletes employ coaches to help them achieve the next level of performance, when it comes to achieving personal or professional goals sometimes you need is some external guidance and support. Coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) will give you actionable steps that will leave you focused, determined and invigorated to achieve goals that once seemed unattainable.

Coaching at London Wellness is situated in our Talking Therapies room within Canary Wharf clinic. The tranquil room is an inviting, safe and comfortable space to talk to the Coach. It’s a world away from the high-rise buildings just across the quay in Canary Wharf, and an inspiring space to think about your goals.

The treatments we offer

We offer bespoke coaching which gives clients time to focus on themselves and the areas of their lives which they would like to change or improve. Clients benefit from our unique approach which draws on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques), which means that lasting changes are made more quickly. Our tailored coaching, gives you the environment and space to assist you in becoming more attuned to your goals; creating actionable – and achievable – steps week-by-week to get you noticeable results.

How coaching can help

We integrate with NLP whilst taking things to a new level thanks to mBIT. This means we work with you on a deeper level, to help you achieve personal excellence by understanding, evaluating and adjusting how you and others think, speak and act; thereby gaining results more quickly.

As a result of your sessions, you can expect to:

  • See immediate results, build momentum and achieve significant changes
  • Feel energised, uplifted and empowered
  • Be supported in finding your true goals and aspirations
  • Gain clarity and direction when facing uncertainty or change
  • Be challenged, yet supported, in order to realise your true potential and abilities
  • Deal with self-imposed restrictions and limiting beliefs that don’t serve you
  • Be held accountable to the actions you agree and commit to in each session

How coaching fits into wellbeing

Coaching can provide a foundation for wellness by enabling clients to reduce stress and uncertainty and to live more fulfilling, productive and joyful lives. Through our programmes, clients super-charge their careers, become better leaders, take their businesses and relationships to new heights whilst pursuing dreams they have never thought were possible.

What You Can Expect

Prior to starting, you receive a complimentary, no obligation, Discovery Session consultation. This focuses on what you would like to change in your life, and help identify any obstacles getting in the way. The session is an opportunity for you to reflect on your challenges and strengths. At the end, you can expect to be in a position to start making positive, immediate changes. Then we decide what programme is right for you to join.
Consultation costs
We provide 3 programmes – each perfectly tailored for you and your goals. The coach will design them in order to help you achieve your goals, and help you change and accelerate your life for the better.

  • Jump Start Programme (4 session plan): £480
  • Success Builder Programme (8 session plan): £920
  • Transformation Programme (12 session plan): £1,320
Team coaching

Did you know?

sciatica and sciatic pain A person’s probability of achieving a goal increases from 50% to 95% when the plan for attaining the goal is committed to another person (a coach).
pain new or existing Rigorous research has shown that coaching enhances goal attainment, well-being and resilience, and reduces stress and anxiety!
off sick from work You have an intelligent ‘brain’ in your gut that contains over 500 million neurons and is equivalent to the size of a cat’s brain.
cost to business The greater your awareness of the signals from your heart, the better the intuition, intelligence and wisdom it will provide.
regular treatments Neuro-linguistic programming was invented and introduced during the 1970’s and remains a popular, supplemental tool for initiating positive, personal change.
alignment of your back Coaches have their own coaches. This is vital in order to keep the coach’s goals in check, and ultimately helps them get the best version out of you!
correct posture Coaches are not therapists. If a coach sees a deeper problem with an issue you are facing, they will have the expertise to recommend another therapy to assist you achieving your goals.
bed rest back pain A study found that NLP may be helpful for improving self esteem in children with dyslexia by helping to provide a deeper sense of relaxation and lower level of anxiety.