What is Corporate Wellness?

Our Corporate Wellbeing service provides relief for work related stress symptoms, without your employees having to leave the office.

At London Wellness Centre, we see many clients who are suffering from neck tension or other work related stress symptoms.

We know, because we always consider all aspects of treatment, that wellbeing at work is a problem for them and, as a result, they are looking to relieve aches and pains or want exercises to reduce tension headaches and so on.

How does on site massage work?

Our chair massages for employees are tailored to each individual: there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing at work. We consider the following elements:

  • account of previous or existing injuries
  • assessment of the employee’s mood and needs that day
  • information about their lifestyle, hobbies and posture and other potential causes of stress or tension

Importantly, our therapists are all qualified to a minimum VCT Level 3 and have undergone training with our senior chiropractors to ensure a consistently high standard of treatment and customer service.

Your office massage will be delivered by highly trained, fully insured practitioners with specialist anatomy knowledge and a genuine passion for physical and mental wellbeing at work. We also bring our own specialist ergonomic chair, relaxing music and luxury hand cream.

All you need to provide is a small meeting room or quiet breakaway area in the office where your team can be treated.

Corporate massage is practiced through clothing so there is no need for changing facilities or privacy.

Corporate massage has benefits for both employers and employees.

Corporate wellness is closely linked to sick leave and lack of productivity. Health and wellbeing at work is becoming a considerable concern as people realise that stress relief in the office and relaxation techniques are key to overall wellness.

How can we book an onsite corporate massage?

London Wellness Centre’s corporate massage therapists can be booked for a minimum block of two hours or a maximum of six hours. For larger teams, two therapists can be booked to work alongside one another and increase the number of appointment slots available.

Simply choose your total time slot and we will produce a sign-up sheet for your team to ‘book’.

15, 20, and 30 minute time slots are available within your overall booking.

We can be booked for weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or one-off events.

What are the benefits of chair massage in the workplace?

Many organisations include corporate massage as part of their corporate health and wellbeing programs for staff. It can be a cost-effective part of your staff retention programme when offered as a regular service.

Corporate workplace massage is proven to reduce stress and tension, screen- and desk-related headaches and tension, insomnia and repetitive strain injury (RSI). It is also proven to create a positive boost of energy and productivity which manifests itself as an improved team spirit.

Your team members can book the same therapist each time they receive a treatment, building relationships and knowledge, allowing treatments to become even more effective over time.

The following additional LWC benefits are available for participating employees:

  • a discount on their first chiropractic consultation at London Wellness Centre
  • a discount on their first massage treatment at London Wellness Centre
  • free information and advice on workplace posture, back health and how to reduce RSI
  • the opportunity to address more acute problems at one of London’s leading chiropractic clinics

A few facts about massage

massage reduces stress

Massage helps employees feel more relaxed and less stressed and stress is a known factor in overall health which affects not only performance, but also attendance.

massage for business

Offering a massage programme for a business helps directly with not only productivity, but also loyalty and staff retention.

back ache from computer use

Corporate massage helps reduce the number of health and safety complaints related to posture as it alleviates some of the symptoms and educates in correct posture.

happy employees

A happier employee is more committed and will have a higher productivity and engagement rate than an employee who is stressed and not enjoying their job.

If you would like more information about our treatments or want to find out how we may be able to help you with a specific problem please call us on 020 7531 4444