What is a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a massage that works through many layers of soft tissue in order to help with the rehabilitation of injuries. It is used to relieve muscle tension or restricted movement of joints and muscles.

Often, when your body has sustained an injury, muscle fibres will fuse and become knotted and tense. Deep tissue massage breaks down these fibres by stimulating the blood flow to regenerate the muscle tissue by flushing toxins away.

The main deep tissue massage benefits are that it can treat larger areas, for example a deep tissue back massage will deal with aches and pains in the lower, middle and upper back. Massage for trapped nerves will often provide immediate pain relief as it is very effective at relaxing muscles and releasing inflammation. You may then need to see a Chiropractor of course, because trapped nerves often indicate a more complex issue.

What causes muscle pain?

There are many ways to injure your muscles: moving at speed during sport or exercise, manual work or lifting and carrying at home, poor posture and other lifestyle habits can all contribute to muscles becoming ‘tonic’ (having too much tone or tension).

This is why the best treatment for lower back pain muscle strain is to have a deep tissue massage, or, as it is sometimes called, a sports massage. Canary Wharf-based London Wellness Centres are able to offer all types of massage. So, there is no need to seek a specific sports chiropractor, London Wellness Centre are experienced in all types of chiropractic medicine. We can treat many conditions with massage and offer all our clients:


  • Massage therapy for sciatica pain
  • Deep tissue back massage
  • Massage for trapped nerves
  • Massage to alleviate migraine pain

When should I have a deep tissue massage?

When giving clients a deep tissue massage London Wellness Centre is providing a temporary resolution. By stimulating additional blood flow, the body is better able to heal injuries and deal with inflammation. However, there will usually be an underlying injury which is causing this inflammation and pain in the first place and, in these cases, the best treatment is a combination of massage and other manual techniques, such as Chiropractic.

One of the reasons massage works so well is that it forces you to relax and stay still for a period of time. In doing this, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop, allowing your muscles to relax and repair more easily. Once this has happened, we can get a better feel for injuries versus lifestyle-driven ailments.

So, as you can see, deep tissue massage benefits are considerable. A good massage can help with insomnia, indigestion, stress and pain. To solve your aches and pains, and provide the best deep tissue massage London Wellness Centre is here, ready to take your booking.

Where can I have a deep tissue massage?

We offer deep tissue massage in our clinics at the following places:


A few facts about massage

deep tissue massage heals

Massage increases circulation which aides healing

massage who can it help?

We treat sports people, pregnant women & everyone in between. Treatment is tailored to the individual and their specific needs

relaxing massage

Massage can be both relaxing and therapeutic, sometimes both!

types of headaches

Massage benefits a stressful lifestyle, helping you relax and unwind

deep tissue massage

Massage is used in combination with chiropractic and dry-needling to give you the fastest recovery

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