Your first visit?

During your initial visit, the physiotherapist will take a detailed history on your specific issues, including a pain questionnaire, information on your current medical status and previous medical history. We will then look at the physical demands of your job/role, discuss your level of activity and exercise outside of your job, as well as other external factors.

Our physiotherapists will also find out what your treatment/health goals are. At the end of this spoken assessment, the therapist will plan for a gentle, physical assessment and create a bespoke treatment programme for you. In some cases the physical assessment and treatment will begin in the first session.

Consultation costs

  • 30 minute consultation and follow-ups – £50

The treatments we offer

We offer musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatment, including treatment for spinal pain, rehabilitation for trauma injuries and sports injuries. We also specialise in work-related pain and pathology as well as chronic pain management.

How physiotherapy helps

Our approach helps in that a diagnosis is given where possible. In all cases, concerns are identified and a tailored programme will be created to address those problems. Treatment types are based on the best research evidence available coupled with the physiotherapist’s two decades of experience.

Treatment is aimed at pain relief and modifying the body with the application of controlled stresses and strains or rehabilitation. Your entire health status is taken into consideration by our physiotherapists with education, information and referral on provided for a range of issues. The chronic pain management programme still involves rehabilitation but the approach is based on a unique bio- psychosocial model, which takes into the consideration the effect of the pain on the patient’s psyche and their social interactions.

How physiotherapy fits into overall wellbeing

Physiotherapy at London Wellness is all about wellness. With over 21 years of expertise in physiotherapy, we are at the top of our game here. Your entire health status is factored into any treatment programme we create, and referrals will be recommended if there are problems that we feel you would benefit further from. Your wellness is paramount, both in the short, medium and long term.

State of the art facilities at London Wellness

Our spacious modern clinic in the heart of London Bridge, is well-equipped to provide you with a comfortable space for our physiotherapists to give you the best treatment possible. With a consultation area within the treatment room, we also have anatomical models to assist in your understanding of any issues you may have, whilst our adjustable therapy bench provides both you and the practitioner ease of treatment.

Meet our physiotherapist

Did you know...

nerve pain

The body is mechanoreceptive – i.e. it responds to mechanical pressure or distortion.

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Physiotherapists are highly trained medical professionals and will have completed a (minimum) 3 year degree (BSc) course

hormones back ache prgenancy

A good physiotherapist will not just address physical issues but also any psychological issues.

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It’s widely believed that physiotherapy was invented by Hippocrates nearly 2,500 years ago.

alignment of your back

There are many different types of physiotherapy, including orthopedic, acute care, cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab to name but a few

sciatica 30-50 year olds

Most physiotherapy practices are pain-free and are designed to improve mobility of certain muscles or joints and to relieve stress and tension.

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Forbes ranked Physical Therapists as having 1 of the “Ten Happiest Jobs”

types of headaches

Physiotherapy can be an effective treatment for vertigo.

If you would like more information about our physiotherapists and treatments or want to find out how we may be able to help you with a specific problem please call us on 020 7531 4444