Maya Starling

Psychotherapy / Counselling Psychotherapist | Location: Canary Wharf

During my doctorate training in Counselling Psychology and almost 10 years of clinical practise in NHS, I have gained knowledge and competencies in a broad range of specific models of psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioural (CBT), cognitive analytic therapies ( CAT), Transference Focused Therapy and Compassion focused therapy (CFT). I also base my work on the systemic understanding of the individual.

Over the years, I have acquired comprehensive experience of specialist psychological assessment, intervention and management of clients with complex physical and long term health needs. I have supported clients in managing pain and distress associated with medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or transplants. I have also worked in settings supporting clients across the whole range of clinical severity, such as Personality Disorder, Bipolar Depression and Eating Disorder.

Overall, I draw from a wide range of intervention options, including metaphors, visualisations or deep relaxation. I adopt different therapeutic models to help clients with depression and anxiety and to discover a new way of relating to their life experiences.